From the Author:

“Why a book about the vagina?” I often asked myself when I woke up in the middle of the night. Why would anyone, other than a medical specialist or a pornographer attempt to breach such a taboo subject? To answer this question I first need to explain how this meaningful little book came into being.

I have always taken pride in having open and easy communication with my children. That was, until one beautiful Sunday afternoon, when my daughter needed some advice on intimate care and hygiene. I was baffled, uncomfortable, embarrassed and caught off-guard. I lacked the knowledge and correct vocabulary to answer a very simple question. This made me realize that issues around female genitalia are shrouded in secrecy and that general, but vital information, is often scarce and scattered. I had to learn more.

Endless hours of research lead me on the most enlightening journey of discovery – the information I found, often hidden deeply in medical journals and research papers, were both beneficial and fascinating. I started having conversations with other women of all ages. It saddened me to realize that these meetings most often offered the first platform for women to discuss their problems, to share their experiences and to gain information about this small, yet powerful aspect of our being. It was clearly a topic that has been neglected for far too long.

I developed a deep need and passion to gather valuable information and to reintroduce the topic in such a format that is easy and pleasurable to read. I envisioned a book that resonates with all women and their loved ones; a book that is warm, chatty and down to earth; a book that does not contain too much detailed information but one that answers all the niggling questions that we often wonder about but are too embarrassed to talk about; a book that is filled with beautiful graphics and photographs that reflect the delicate and complex nature of this exquisite little organ.

I am extremely proud that this book has managed to achieve just that. It certainly has been a daunting task; I had to muster all my courage and incurred a fair amount of criticism in accomplishing the book. Even my own teenage son wanted to disown me and cringed with embarrassment until his male friends caught wind of the topic and started asking questions of their own. Only then, after they approved, it became more acceptable or even ‘cool’.

I sincerely hope that you will find as much personal value and enlightenment in this book as I have had in writing it. May it always remind you of the mirth, magic and mystery of your sweetest spot. May it sweep you on a journey of discovery as it accompanies you and yours on the cycle from infancy, to puberty, to sexual maturity, to giving birth, to menopause and beyond. May it instill in you a sense of pride and give you a confident voice, armored with all the knowledge you need to take care of, understand, communicate, embrace and celebrate your unique womanness.

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