‘The Cookie book is the ‘sweetest thing’ since Eve left the Paradise’ – Riana Scheepers

‘Books we love – The Cookie Book by Maritza Breitenbach’ -  O, The Oprah Magazine

‘Recognising the importance and profundity of the vagina … philosophical and humorous … a tome that admirably attempts to unravel and ponder the history, impact and beauty of the vagina.’ — Oliver Roberts, Sunday Times

‘Funny and creative, beautiful artworks … celebrates the best of being female.’ – Nicole Sparrow, Longevity Magazine

‘It is a small, beautifully illustrated booklet that certainly packs a punch. When it comes to the health and understanding of one’s ‘private zones’ one simply has to call a spade a spade – and this book does just that.’ – Odyssey Magazine  

‘I loved the book – read it from cover to cover as soon as I got home and found it delightful – a very beautiful book visually, written with warmth and wit, informative and positive. Essential reading for everyone who has one of these very special treasures!’ – Patricia McNaught Davis, Radio Helderberg

‘Wonderful must-have book … all women, men and teenage girls should read it.’ – Soli Philander, award-winning actor, presenter, comedian, Mc and motivational speaker

‘Reading THE COOKIE BOOK epitomizes ‘sexuality’ to me – an experience in which one’ s senses are simultaneously assaulted culminating and forever feeling alive, woman, wild and wonderful. Like Sexuality, Maritza’s book is multi layered, each page presents a surprise. Oh no, this author has well researched her book, mixed medias from cartoon strips to poetry and gorgeous illustrations to keep the reader constantly alert, educated and interested. A beautiful contribution to women and their sexuality.’  – Dr Marlene Wasserman, aka Dr Eve, author, registered sex therapist in South Africa and the USA, lecturer and radio talk-show host

‘Absolutely beautiful and well-written  … filled with vital information.’ – Nancy Richards, author and radio talk-show host, SAfm

‘Must-have illustrated read.’ – Women’s Health Magazine

‘… written with great elegance. I regard it as pioneering work and want to suggest that all mothers and daughters read it en then pass it on to the fathers and boyfriends… Then allow them time to recover.’ – Dave Pepler, author, environ-mentalist and television show host

‘What a refreshing and candid look at something we all want to know more about and discuss but often do not! Maritza has managed to educate, make one laugh and be amazed all at the same time, and it’s all delivered with such humor, passion and love for her subject. This is a must read for all the women out there and for any man who likes women and wants to know more!’ – Embeth Davidtz, actress, LA, United States of America

‘Although not all parts of the book are specifically relevant to male readers, it remains worth knowing and a topic that intrigues them for life! Especially when presented with such refinement and style!’ – Kerneels Breyenbach, journalist, award-winning author and publisher.

‘A mini-coffee table book … a gem, tastefully illustrated with classic artworks and modern pieces… colourful and non-explicit.’ – Ilse Krige for Die Burger, Die Beeld, Die Volksblad

‘From the cultural importance of virginity to how the cookie crumbles as we age and how and why people groom and adorn their “lovely lady parts”  – this creative little book will educate you on all things vaginal.’ – Lesley Byram, Cape Times

‘Inspirational, creatively illustrated . . . delightful . . . should be given to all teenage girls.’ — Vivien Horler, Cape Argus

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